Saturday, 8 May 2010


Jumper & Ring, H&M. Shoes: absolutelynoidea.

I am LOUSY I know. I've been hopping around the country crazily shoving neros espresso down my throat and jumping on trains with an overnight bag and smudged eyes. I've been going to places which tend to have no wifi, and I've realised having an internet connection is a pretty vital part of running a blog. I've also actually left half of my clothes dotted around the place (hense the incredibly lacking outfit post) & I'm pretty sure I left a shoe at Kings Cross station (yes just one of them, brogue style, if you see it.) So I'm waiting upon returned shoes, bin bags of clothes, a working SLR & prehaps the function of my brain, then I shall be back to my normal state and not be posting half-assed posts like this.
ps. I just joined the rest of the world and got a forumspring. It's a little bare at the moment so ask away chicos. Forumspring


  1. Spend almost an hour on your blog, Amazing!!!!

  2. This is so awesome you look stunning and i really love, love the styling.


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