Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Spending a lazy afternoon in bed catching up with some magazines & browsing eBay for a second hand bicycle to do up over the summer.


Boots & Trench: New Look
My dog was being a clingy bugger and wouldn't leave me alone so I had to include her in the picture taking festivities. This weather is seriously doing my head in, it's almost June and there was FROST on the ground yesterday. I brought this mac yesterday to get me through the transistion period and seriously abused my student discount around Oxford St. using the logic that I won't be a student in a month so I might as well spend everything I have for the reason of getting 10% off. You can prehaps see why I failed maths. I only have 4 days of lectures left then I am free as a bird, I've got a nice little internship waiting for me, travel oppourtunities and 365 days to learn how to use the washing machine without asking mum. perfect.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Assortement of Braclets, H&M teal&silver ring, vintage silver ring, Channel nail varnish in Jade, H&M maternity dress (I just thought it was oversized...)

So it's the bottom half of an outfit post...I'm getting there right?! The battery of my camera remote ran out and using self timer and leaping across the patio for a full outfit shot was far too much exersise to commit to before 9am. Tommorow you shall see my top half.
I'm probably closer to the people who sell my coffee than I am my own parents. Obviously I'm joking, I think. Nothing better than slipping on oversized shades to hide last nights sins and popping out for a trashy magzzine and a hot coffee made by someone else. I'm gradually trying to move my knee high socks down a little futher each day, exposing my casper white legs to the world, sunshine is such a hassle! I'm lightening up on my usually black nail varnish and going channel jade for the spring, along with wearing silver as a replacement for my usually gold encrusted hands. All I have to do now is tear myself apart from black clothing...

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Images random via weheartit (please let me credit/remove if any of these are yours) & simplybreakfast

These pictures will sum up my day. Lazy Sundays are for indulgent hearty breakfasts, reading travel books, British Vogue, listening to radio 2 and booking tickets on the eurostar.

ps. my camera has been fixed & I've been reunited with my clothes, hurrah, outfit posts galore tommorow!

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Jumper & Ring, H&M. Shoes: absolutelynoidea.

I am LOUSY I know. I've been hopping around the country crazily shoving neros espresso down my throat and jumping on trains with an overnight bag and smudged eyes. I've been going to places which tend to have no wifi, and I've realised having an internet connection is a pretty vital part of running a blog. I've also actually left half of my clothes dotted around the place (hense the incredibly lacking outfit post) & I'm pretty sure I left a shoe at Kings Cross station (yes just one of them, brogue style, if you see it.) So I'm waiting upon returned shoes, bin bags of clothes, a working SLR & prehaps the function of my brain, then I shall be back to my normal state and not be posting half-assed posts like this.
ps. I just joined the rest of the world and got a forumspring. It's a little bare at the moment so ask away chicos. Forumspring