Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Want some summer dreaming?

Monday, 5 April 2010


Wearing: H&M hat & scalf, vintage cardigans & t-shirts & New Look boots.

I'm not being pretentious posing with a Starbucks, honest. I was over the moon at finally being able to eat and drink again after a nasty stomach bug that has completely thrown everything sideways (including the up-keep of this blog- apologies). After enviously watching children munch down their eggs over the weekend, I decided it was high time I painted my lips red and walked into town for a much overdue chocolate fix. I don't normally put myself through the torture of Starbucks ques (what do they do, run to Brazil and fetch the coffee beans?!) but this craving overruled my impatience and one bluberry muffin & cream frappachino later I felt immediately lifted and walked home with a skip in my step through the spring sunshine. Many more outfit posts to come now i'm not hibernating in wife beaters and boys boxer shorts watching re-runs of jersey shore.
What did all you lovlies get up to on easter weekend? x