Sunday, 21 March 2010


The pace has slowed down somewhat since my previously frantic updates and I've found the most calming of remedies is to venture through the woods with my camera and soothing music blasting into my ears. I know this is a lacking fashion/outfit post but I just had to share my journey through the freak weather that's been sweeping through town. We are currently situated under a cocktail of sea mist and think fog, making it near impossible to navigate the simplest of journeys. As well as being slightly nerving and making me feel like I'm starring in 'Twilight' every time I venture through the woods, I'm enjoying the sense of adventure it brings immensely. Although, if you can't take long walks through the woods and drive along endless stretches of fog to release your anxiety's, let this take you away from hectic schedules and blackberry calenders for just 5 minutes .
ps. better/more outfit posts to come when my god damn SLR charger decides to emerge from its' hiding place.


  1. wow, the weather looks amazing - how cool! and its so awesome that youve got woods, all we've got here is stupid "bush"...


  2. beautiful photos!

    xo tiffany

  3. Really amazing pictures!
    Greetings from Berlin

  4. Such a great blog you have, very inspiring! the photos in this post are incredible! Best of luck!


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