Friday, 19 February 2010


Bassike oversized tee, Sass & Bide draped jacket & frilled body suit, H&M shorts, Acne boots, Proenza Schouler tote, cats necklace.

Some of the items from my Spring wish list, a slight idealistic view of what my wardobe will look like, but the general gist is there. I always like dressing for the transistion into spring, that glorious moment of realisation that you can indeed go tightless and leave that winter knit that accompanied you lovingly throughout the Winter at home.  I realise that we’re theoretically meant to fill our wardrobes with spring hues and pastel shades whilst the spring violently elbows out the bitter cold winter, but due to the 90’s and grunge revival currently captivating the a/w runways, I’m inspired by a more sombre colour pallet of greys and blacks shown in the items above. So yes, the winter collections are inspiring my summer wardrobe, confusing non?

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Proenzaschouler, Rebecca Taylor, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim,
Marc Jacobs all F/W 2010 via TFS

These were probably my favorite looks from NYFW, all these collections just make me lust for winter all over again, typical. Bring on London.
Which were your most loved?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Farm Life.

Dress: Ebay find, Necklace: Miss Selfridge, Hat: H&M
I'm so sorry for my ridiculously long hiatus, I have no excuses apart from the old classic 'life has been getting in the way' of doing any sort of blogging over the past month, but I'm back now & can't wait to make up for lost time. As you can see, I went out to the countryside today for some sunshine and fresh air (my minds gone into summer mode already) and it most certainly confirmed what I already knew, me and nature do not get along. After clogging up my new shoes with mud, throwing myself around attempting to avoid swooping birds, and almost bursting into tears whilst being cornered by an angry gang of swans, I hastily drove back home, where I had Chinese, watched gossip girl and only came into contact with any sort of wildlife whilst watching 'Pet Rescue' on the television, oh I am definitely a city girl.
Apart from obviously hiding a multitude of hair sins and reducing 'getting ready time' to a minimum, this hat has been on my head for at least the last fortnight, and I am still not ready to take it off. I don't think I've ever particularly had the confidence to wear hats, but after braving the streets in my extreme hand made pom-pom hats over the Christmas period, I'm ready to try anything.