Saturday, 9 January 2010


Today I braved the elements and took on the 'big freeze' as I ventured out to collect supplies. (well, vogue and coffee.) Seriously, I have not seen weather this bad in absolutely ages, it's disrupted my entire week, cut off our electricity and turned my face a horrid shade of blue. I realise that elsewhere in the world this is the norm, but us Brits enjoy being over dramatic about the weather, it's our thing, so hush. On the plus side I have been able to morph into a hermit over the past few days, watching Gossip Girl and Rachel Zoe from sunrise to sunset, eating a small amount of food that could feed an army and avoiding coursework deadlines at all costs. These studded tights were a little gift from a gorgeous friend, I have no idea where they're from (if you do, please enlighten me) and gave me a bit of a skip to my step. I was meaning to do a full outfit post but just as I took this picture the blizzards took over the skies, and me fighting away snow flakes and slipping around just wasn't a pretty picture. Keep warm and safe! x


  1. ha ha, I love using this icy weather as an excuse to be a hermit.
    and I don't ever remember it being this bad before!
    p.s. thanks for the lovely comment, i really appreciate it ;)

  2. I hate how the country comes to a standstill whenever it snows - and this has been some serious snow! They haven't gritted the roads where I live and as a result, I cannot get ANYWHERE!!

    Anyway, my real point was - I love your tights, amazing! As is the rest of your blog :)


  3. really cool!!
    love them!!
    xoxo amber

  4. cute tights - stay warm!! =)

  5. wow, amazing tights!!!
    i can't believe it, you live in Brighton...i spent one month last summer and i'm in love with your city :DD It's smaller than London or other big city, but it's amazing!! :))
    However, i love your blog and your style...i think that i'll become your followers :))

  6. You brits aren't the only people obsessed with the weather, here in Holland they can't talk to you without mentioning how horrible/ wonderful (snow, love it or hate it) the weather is.
    I think Brighton looks amazing in the snow, i've been there a year and a half a go. I fell in love!
    xoxo jasmin

    ps: i love the tights!


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