Monday, 4 January 2010


Wearing: Hat & Top-H&M, Topshop Leggings, New Look lace up boots.
Another outfit which favours comfort over anything else, my fail safe h&m striped top and ancient leggings which have seen much better days. Four days into the new year and I've already been thrown into a whirlwind of revision, french exams, writing deadlines and planning a last minute party for the weekend. Between baking cakes and practicing the passé composé, I haven't found a spare minute to do anything else, apart from taking the Christmas tree down, which has left me walking round in a serious sulk. Funny how everything always moves so quickly. Take me back to December evenings by the fire, writing my Christmas cards and drinking mulled wine straight off the hob. Onto the next...
Happy Monday x


  1. Beautiful top and boots!!!!! <3

  2. Thank you for your comment at my blog :), I love your blog so much. This outfit is amazing, that top wow. I'm so jealous that you live in Brighton, must be amazing..

    xx Birgit

  3. Love the outfit swtie - those boots are darling!

  4. omg i love this outfit love the simplicity of it
    but its so killer at the same time

    your blog is amazing

  5. Fur hat & stripes = two things the society loves.

    But how can anyone miss those boots! they are TO DIE FOR. sort of androgynous and yet more feminine than your typical combat boots. love <3

    The Société de mode | The Fashion Society

  6. love this look!

    the hat with stripes is killer.

  7. you've got no idea - huge tops, leggings/tights and boots have been my uniform lately. i'm in awe of that hat - must go find one for myself soon :)

  8. i love your outfit and the cute fur hat.. =)

    xoxo cla

  9. you're quite the lovely lady! i love the simplicity of this outfit :)

  10. new here and love it! Great shirt! cute

  11. You are so creative, i love everything about your style! i would totally where all your clothing and your accessories are so cute!
    you should totally be a stylist :)

  12. your outfit is PERFECT!!!

    i love the hat - must find one like it!!

    and striped tops never fail to be of use! :)

  13. so happy we just found you!
    your blog (ie you and your awesome self) is flawless.
    come see us when you can.

    love from San Francisco,


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