Monday, 18 January 2010


Topshop Dress & Vintage faux fur shrug.

Apologies for the disappearance of my last post, I think I killed it with a sudden click of a mouse while my concentration and focus were elsewhere. It's gone deep into an un-retrievable place, apparently.
Anyway, meet my lucky dress. Usually I laugh in the face of anybody who titles something 'lucky' because I've always believed you create your own luck, but whenever I throw on this dress in the morning, my day just runs seamlessly.
The cut of the dress lets it drape off you so perfectly, and it's made of the lightest, most divine, albeit slightly sheer material- beware of that one!
Go put on your lucky dress and have a lovely Monday. x


  1. love that jacket!


  2. an amazing dress.. =)love it!

    xoxo cla

  3. New post : Olivia's birthday,
    She is 18 now. Come on


    Kisses from France**

  4. love the combination of floral dress and faux fur!!


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