Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Images from weheartit and flickr, im once again without sources but if you have a problem with your image being here I will happily remove it, likewise with crediting! Sorry for my general lousiness!
I hope it's not too premmature to start looking forward to the new season (given that it's still January, whoops), but the sun came out for the first time in what felt like forever this afternoon and it gave me a desperate urge to look for sun drenched photos and pretty people prancing around lavender fields with a golden skin. Go away Winter, we're bored with you now.

Monday, 18 January 2010


Topshop Dress & Vintage faux fur shrug.

Apologies for the disappearance of my last post, I think I killed it with a sudden click of a mouse while my concentration and focus were elsewhere. It's gone deep into an un-retrievable place, apparently.
Anyway, meet my lucky dress. Usually I laugh in the face of anybody who titles something 'lucky' because I've always believed you create your own luck, but whenever I throw on this dress in the morning, my day just runs seamlessly.
The cut of the dress lets it drape off you so perfectly, and it's made of the lightest, most divine, albeit slightly sheer material- beware of that one!
Go put on your lucky dress and have a lovely Monday. x

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Today I braved the elements and took on the 'big freeze' as I ventured out to collect supplies. (well, vogue and coffee.) Seriously, I have not seen weather this bad in absolutely ages, it's disrupted my entire week, cut off our electricity and turned my face a horrid shade of blue. I realise that elsewhere in the world this is the norm, but us Brits enjoy being over dramatic about the weather, it's our thing, so hush. On the plus side I have been able to morph into a hermit over the past few days, watching Gossip Girl and Rachel Zoe from sunrise to sunset, eating a small amount of food that could feed an army and avoiding coursework deadlines at all costs. These studded tights were a little gift from a gorgeous friend, I have no idea where they're from (if you do, please enlighten me) and gave me a bit of a skip to my step. I was meaning to do a full outfit post but just as I took this picture the blizzards took over the skies, and me fighting away snow flakes and slipping around just wasn't a pretty picture. Keep warm and safe! x

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


For these dark January evenings (and currently snow filled evenings where I am), I always save videos which remind me of the summer months to watch when I need an instant boost of inspiration and sunshine to beam through my laptop screen. Here is my current love, a short video by Greg Ladel, featuring the absolutely stunning Elise Crombez. If the sheer beauty of this wasn't enough, hypnotising music is provided by the Smashing Pumpkins to lull you into a false sense of summer. Have a lovely day x

Monday, 4 January 2010


Wearing: Hat & Top-H&M, Topshop Leggings, New Look lace up boots.
Another outfit which favours comfort over anything else, my fail safe h&m striped top and ancient leggings which have seen much better days. Four days into the new year and I've already been thrown into a whirlwind of revision, french exams, writing deadlines and planning a last minute party for the weekend. Between baking cakes and practicing the passé composé, I haven't found a spare minute to do anything else, apart from taking the Christmas tree down, which has left me walking round in a serious sulk. Funny how everything always moves so quickly. Take me back to December evenings by the fire, writing my Christmas cards and drinking mulled wine straight off the hob. Onto the next...
Happy Monday x