Sunday, 20 December 2009

'Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking'

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'Chaos is a friend of mine'- Bob Dylan
Chaos is a friend of mine as well, I work best under stress and secretly love late nights fuelled coffee and ambition, throwing scrap paper with inadequate ramblings carelessly around the room and drinking herbal tea when the sun rises to calm the coffee shakes. I sometimes forget there is other parts of life than purely work & college, and over the past two days I have let go of everything and refreshingly spent my days doing anything that I please. Sitting at midnight on the phone for 2 hours, taking ridiculously long baths with norah jones blasting through the house, indulging in multiple glasses of red wine next to the fire and getting back to what makes you love life in the first place.


  1. sounds darn good! I haven't had a bath in ages...

    glad you're getting back to "what makes you love life in the first place" - sounds like a good project! I think you've inspired me..


  2. Love the pictures!! They're gorgeous!

  3. that sounds so nice!! love these pictures to

    trade links?


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