Saturday, 19 December 2009


Scalf, Hat and leggings: H&M, Ugg Boots, Faux Fur: New Look

A quick outfit post in the glorious English weather this morning before cramming in a couple of hours of christmas shopping and a quick catch up at starbucks for a gingerbread latté. Not exactly the worlds most fashionable outfit (I have a serious loathing against uggs at times, but the fur lining won me over eventually) but I was ridiculously warm. Layering is the key my friends, I had 3 pairs of tights on underneath those leggings, and two thermal vests on. The snows novelty is wearing off fast, looking forward to when I can walk instead of slipping everywhere. Have a very merry week x


  1. you do look warm though and thats the most important at the moment! although it looks like you got more snow then i saw! i adore your coat and hair. is your bag from primark? its lovely either way. x

  2. awesome jacket!

  3. ah this is so awesome! I've been hyping everything with snow on lookbook lately, I'm obsessed - I would kill for a cold christmas, I've quite had enough of these 35C ones...

    I'm not usually into fur, but this looks fantastic on you, looks like it is keeping you warm! love the cardi underneath too!


  4. so cute. i love the faux fur.
    i live in canada and we haven't had snow like this yet, no fair.

    i know about the leathers, i just got a pair. they're topshop but the cut is really flattering, i'm not sure i could pull them off otherwise.


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