Thursday, 31 December 2009

divine divine two thousand and nine.

newyears images from weheartit

What could be more appropriate for new years eve than a midnight blue evening dress.
This gorgeous blue gown is from asos for a purse pleasing £32. In this case the quality really doesn't effect the price tag, it's the most amazing material and sways with every dance move (And I hope to be throwing a lot of them around tonight)
Sorry I have been MIA over the past week, this bloody winter has left me feeling rather un-inspired. On a lighter note, how incredible that we've lived through an entire decade! The past 10 years, overall, have not been the best, but I've always believed in looking to the future and never dwelling on the past and the new decade already has some pretty major stuff lined up. France, leaving home, university, jobs and so much more that I can not wait to happen.
I never really make new years resolutions, apart from the obligatory 'must loose weight' rubbish that looses momentum on new years day when you dig out the box of roses hidden from underneath the sofa, but I always make a list of 100 things to do before 2010 draws to a close. I want to travel a little more, go to the movies in the daytime, learn how to make the best chocolate cookies and wear red lipstick on rainy Thursdays.
Whatever you are doing tonight I hope you have a fantastic time and I wish anybody who is reading this a wonderful new year. See you next decade!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

'Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking'

weheartit & onceagainihaveforgottenthesource
'Chaos is a friend of mine'- Bob Dylan
Chaos is a friend of mine as well, I work best under stress and secretly love late nights fuelled coffee and ambition, throwing scrap paper with inadequate ramblings carelessly around the room and drinking herbal tea when the sun rises to calm the coffee shakes. I sometimes forget there is other parts of life than purely work & college, and over the past two days I have let go of everything and refreshingly spent my days doing anything that I please. Sitting at midnight on the phone for 2 hours, taking ridiculously long baths with norah jones blasting through the house, indulging in multiple glasses of red wine next to the fire and getting back to what makes you love life in the first place.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


Scalf, Hat and leggings: H&M, Ugg Boots, Faux Fur: New Look

A quick outfit post in the glorious English weather this morning before cramming in a couple of hours of christmas shopping and a quick catch up at starbucks for a gingerbread latté. Not exactly the worlds most fashionable outfit (I have a serious loathing against uggs at times, but the fur lining won me over eventually) but I was ridiculously warm. Layering is the key my friends, I had 3 pairs of tights on underneath those leggings, and two thermal vests on. The snows novelty is wearing off fast, looking forward to when I can walk instead of slipping everywhere. Have a very merry week x

Thursday, 17 December 2009

17/12/09 = My new insperation click.

Seriously lusting over this catsuit! Apologies for being such a lousy blogger over the past week or so, but i've been sans insperation and without time. I shall be back tommorow with an outfit post (hopefully in the snow, eek)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

'Hello Boys'

The sex bomb is back. Red lipstick, un-lit cigarettes, spray on pants, boobs, Brigitte Bardot, waistlines, perfect pouts, nostalgia, endless limbs, sky high heels, leather, not giving a shit, Lara Stone, more boobs & of course, blood red lipstick

ps. How much do Brigitte Bardot & Georgia Jagger resemble eachother, amaaazing!!

Monday, 7 December 2009


My latest jewellery purchase from Miss Selfridge! I know my blog is turning slightly into a jewellery advertisement but it's my biggest love, and I can't stop looking at my latest addition to the collection, LOVE. I may be slightly absent for a few days, tonight I'm off to Birmingham for the Clothes Show Live on Wednesday, and spending my evening trying to pack 3 nights worth of stuff into a clutch bag. Not going well. I'm so excited, my tickets came this morning (eek) with 'VIP' next to my name, which excited me to the point of no return. I'm looking forward to sharing my week with you when I get back! The other written entries were so amazing, I have absolutely no expectations of getting further in the competition, I feel like I've already won! I'm rambling, it's late at night and a french literature essay and a jug of coffee awaits. x


The christmas tree is up and I'm feeling festive. A slightly half-hearted gift of some winter insperations.

ps. sorry im so rubbish @ crediting images, they're mainly from weheartit & fffound, tell me if any of these are yours & i'll credit/delete x

Sunday, 6 December 2009


All H&M

I went on a bit of a blow out at H&M yesterday, being lured in by Sonia Rykiel underwear and free 'assemble yourself' Christmas boxes (Unfortunately they forget to tell you that the reason they are giving them for free is they don't fit together and you end up having 12 piles of pretty looking cardboard all around your house which you constantly try and find a use for.) I brought this outfit for a few Christmas parties, the skirt is such a strange material and albeit slightly itchy but I just love it! I do feel slightly like a Christmas decoration when wearing it but hey ho, if I can't wear it this time of year then when can I wear it!

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Via TFS.
Old but still wonderful.


My lovely new addition to my ring collection from H+M. Lovely to look at but not so practical to wear...Never stopped me before

Thursday, 3 December 2009


Saving files on my laptop under the useful names of 'sidsifdfis' and other similar titles , proves to be no help at all when trying to find where the object in question is from. After a good half an hour of sifting through my Internet history, I discovered the place where this layered necklace originates from, Aldo! For just over £10, this is getting added to my wish list right now!