Friday, 23 October 2009

Paint it red.

Scalf: Primark, Tights:Topshop, Coat:Ebay, Shoes, charity shop!
I hope Hemingway is right. I have been completely swamped this week, handing in french literature essays, discursive articles, and everything in between, so the next week off will be more than welcome . It's been really cold the last few days, calling for a longer dresses, thicker tights and faux fur coats. I've been enjoying this ridiculously cosy scarf all week courtesy of my ever faithful friend, Primark.

I love this time of year, its wonderful how autumn can make even the ugliest places look beautiful.


  1. wow. love the scarf! how much was it from primark, did they do it in other colours?
    when i go into primark i never really find anything i like anymore.
    love the colour of your tights too!
    thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog )
    would you like to link swap?

  2. btw love the scarf! I have a similar one but in grey from Zara!
    Oh girl, you are so damn pretty!

  3. I would really love a scarf like that in grey haah :)
    thankyou for the comment :)


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