Saturday, 10 October 2009

My World.

I decided it was high-time to do something a little bit more personal on my blog, and nothing is more personal than your bedroom really. Along with coffee shops, this is the one place I am completely content in. Usually my floorboards are absolutely covered in clothes, books, paperwork and empty coffee mugs. I'd almost forgotten what they looked like.

The only plant I have ever been able to keep alive.

Some of my Autumn/Winter insperations.
My organised vogues, thank god for IKEA and magazine holders,
Im hoping to enlarge this and put it across my entire wall.

Coco perfume is the smell of my teenage years.
Im OBSESSED with rings, I literally have 20 of those hands stacked away. I love vintage jewlerry, most of these are costume rings passed down from my grandma. My favorite is the serpent ring from a market in France.


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  1. I love your room!
    Mine is so tiny I don't have space for stuff like this :( I adore your Vogue collection, I have that Coco perfume - yum!

    lots of love x


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